Clogged floor trap: what to do?

Usually the signal is the bad smell in the bathroom . When this occurs, the cause is probably a blocked siphon . But even if the cleaning of the siphons is not enough, then the problem could be the well on the floor.

The cockpit is generally located near the sink, and is easily identifiable as it is covered by a metal plate. Unclogging the bathroom cockpit is a fairly simple operation, which you can do on your own, unless your cockpit has been placed under the tiles. In that case, having to break, better to rely on a professional plumber and plumber near me to minimize the inconvenience. Here are some tips to remove a DIY obstruction.

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Floor trap: what it is and why it is blocked
The siphoned cockpit , also known as a floor trap or inspection pit, is a hydraulic element to which the various elements of the bathroom are connected (sink, shower or tub and bidet) and serves to prevent the release of unpleasant odors from these elements or from the main column. It is placed under the floor and covered by a stopper. Above it is a metal plate fixed with a screw.

The floor well is blocked when it is filled with residues from sanitary ware: hair, soap residue, limestone. When these deposits do not obstruct the siphons of the individual bathroom fixtures, they end up in the cockpit. If odors occur in the bathroom, it could be that one of the siphons is plugged. In that case it will be enough to take it apart and clean it from the traffic jam. But if the stink does not disappear, or you notice water around the clay pigeon, then it could be the well to be obstructed. In fact, if the cockpit becomes completely clogged, water and debris will escape, flooding the bathroom and causing damage to the downstairs neighbor.

How to clean the cockpit in the bathroom
If the siphoned cockpit is visible, then you can follow this simple procedure that I am going to explain to you to try to clean it up and make the bad smells disappear. First of all, get gloves and the floor with rags or newspapers. Take a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that holds the metal plate (flat or star depending on the case). Once the plate is removed, you will find the cap of the bathroom cockpit: if you just turn the butterfly in plastic; if it is an old cork it will be necessary to unscrew it with some foresight. Once the cap is removed, you should be in front of the cause of the traffic jam. At this point, it will be enough to remove the material that clogs it, clean the bathroom well with very hot water, refit the cap and then screw the plate again.

And if you can’t see the siphoned cockpit?
In recent years, the wells are no longer visible but covered by tiles, a fact that can create problems if the cockpit gets clogged. a plumber who, thanks to metal detectors or other tools of the trade, will be able to identify the exact spot where the siphon is located and minimize breakage.