Cellar flooding: who to call to Rome?

Unfortunately when it rains in the capital, the Rome flood emergency starts immediately . Not only roads but also cellars are flooding ! What to do if your winery in Rome is flooded?

the phenomenon of flooding in Rome is becoming more and more frequent. The causes are many and are not easy to solve. It would take a lot of money to solve the problem among sewers under tension and manholes blocked due to poor maintenance. But it is not just flooded roads, fallen trees, craters in asphalt and closed metro stations that create inconvenience. If the water enters your basement, then you need to empty it and clean it up immediately: here’s how.

What causes the cellars to flood?
The flooding of the cellar can have several causes. In some cases it could be the obstruction of the sewer: this happens due to the lack of periodic self- purging, or due to natural disasters that cause an anomalous filling of the sewer with leaves, twigs, etc. In other cases it could be the rupture of pipes present in the cellar or in the basement. The other main cause of flooding of the cellars, especially at street level or semi-buried, is the abundant rains , which can discharge such a quantity of water that they cannot be absorbed by the manholes and sewers.

In Rome these situations are unfortunately very common as not only do heavy rains fall during the winter, but the sewers are not enough for the ever increasing number of inhabitants in the Capital and their maintenance is not exactly optimal. But what can be done to limit the damage in case of cellar flooding in Rome?

Cellar flooded: what to do immediately to contain the damage
If your cellar is flooded, the key thing is to try to remove the water as soon as possible. If the water stagnates, the damage will always be greater as it will create infiltrations in the walls and floors that are very expensive to repair. So if the amount of water is minimal, you can try draining it with an immersion pump that can be found in a hardware store. Once the water has been removed, the room must be ventilatedso you can let the remaining moisture dry. In any case, it is always advisable to have an expert made an inspection to assess the damage and possibly proceed with a claim for compensation if the cause of the flooding depends on the leak of the municipal sewer, or you are in possession of an insurance.

But if the water is excessive then you must immediately call the emergency flooding so that it can intervene with professional means that guarantee the complete drying of the cellar. In addition to disposing of the water, the hydraulic emergency service will evaluate any other damage and can promptly intervene to avoid further problems.