Rome sewer emergency: prevent damage caused by heavy rains

Now it’s a show that repeats itself: when the rain falls a bit ‘abundant on Rome, the city of floods! But why is the Eternal City the victim of so many floods? Let’s see what happens in Rome when it rains and what is the state of health of the Roman sewers.

What happens in Rome when it rains
Every time the rain arrives in the Capitoline city, it is an emergency . More and more often in the presence of bad weather, the civil protection is forced to issue the weather alert and implement an emergency flooding plan for the city of Rome to deal with the damage caused by excessive rainfall. The scenario repeats itself: flooded meter, flooded roads, jumped manholes, fallen trees that obstruct the drains, asphalt that yields, with very great inconveniences for the inhabitants of the Capital forced to resort to emergency flooding. But what are the causes of this disaster that is repeated at every storm?

One of the main problems is the poor condition of the Roman sewerage system.

What is the state of health of Rome’s public sewers?
The sewers of Rome are among the oldest in the world and are still functioning. Starting from the Cloaca Maxima, the sewers of Rome have grown more and more, but not enough to serve a city of over six million inhabitants and in continuous expansion. If the Roman sewers were works of hydraulic engineering, the most recent features are not exactly masterpieces, and in any case from the early 2000s no new sections were made . Maintenance is not ideal, and often the cleaning of drains and channels is not carried out. Another problem is that a not inconsiderable number of houses, even quite central, are not connected to the city sewer system, because they were built in a period in which the connection was not required by law.

Rome floods: how to prevent them in case of heavy rains
How to prevent rain damage? Keeping the sewage pipes of the house and the condominium clean is the first basic rule.

When flooding occurs in Rome, the main cause is sewage reflux. This happens because of the obstructed wells and canals , because of the sewers they are undersized or because of traffic jams due to the failure to clean the condominium sewers. If in the first two cases the Municipality should intervene, in the case of condominium sewers it is advisable to carry out a periodic cleaning that frees the channels and does not cause the sewage to rise due to an excess of white waste water.

What to do in case of emergency Rome sewers
In the event that cleaning and maintenance of the sewers is not enough to prevent flooding caused by excessive rains, then it will be necessary to contact a self-cleaning service in Rome.